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Now It's Your Turn! We want to see what you are able to create!

We took a week to make our projects, now we’re giving you a week to make one to share. (And we would like it to be a new project, not something you have in the vault.)

From now until May 7th you can submit your video. We will make all of the videos public May 7th, and turn it over to you for voting again!  Don’t be shy, we know there is great creativity out there! It can be an individual, a group, a music appreciation class… everyone is eligible to participate.

Enter The Challenge Today!

A couple of guidelines.

  • Keep your videos under five minutes!
  • Probably need to mention that we will check your video for family friendly viewing before it posts. N-Tune Music and Sound will not promote any questionable, vulgar, obscene, hate-based, or indecent material, whether that is the lyric content or the video content. And it is our challenge, our discretion!
  • The prize for the winner is an Audio Technica AT2020 recording microphone, If you already have a mic you are happy with, we’ll give a $100 store gift certificate toward gear you need.
  • We also encourage you to post your video to your social media using the hashtag #ntunemusicchallenge to get more votes.
  • Accepted file types: mp4, mov, .
    This is your chance to shine. Upload your video using mp4 or mov codec. Depending on the size of the upload, this could take a while so please be patient and wait for the confirmation.

We Will Announce, and Play The Winning Video Very Soon During One Of Our Live Streams!


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