Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

SBO+: The regular author of Leadership Tips, Dr. Matthew Arau, is taking the month off so Tom is filling in.

I’m not questioning your leadership ability! This is the title of one of my favorite books. When I am doing leadership coaching, this book is usually the one I start with because it begins with the premise that anyone can be an effective leader if they are willing to be truly authentic.

The authors aren’t just writing random opinions, they base their work on extensive research which found leaders can use their own unique leadership assets while managing the inherent tensions at the heart of successful leadership: showing emotion and withholding it, getting close to followers while keeping distance, and maintaining individuality while conforming enough.

As a teacher, you must maintain a professional distance from your students while at the same time, showing “who you are.” This takes practice, introspection, and sensing what others need of you, but most importantly, it requires you to have a good understanding of who YOU are.

If you want to be a better leader, put Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?: What It Takes To Be An Authentic Leader on your summer reading list!