What’s That Smell?

popcorn   Standing in line at a store during one of the wife’s adventures this past weekend, the cashier and the guest ahead of us were having a conversation about how amazing popcorn smells. This guy already had plans to purchase said popcorn, it is a highlight of the shopping trip! But it’s what the guest said to the cashier that leaped out at me.

“It never tastes as good as it smells.”

What? What do you mean it never tastes as good as it smells? Of course, it does, the smell is what helps it taste so amazing! At least, that has been my experience at this particular store. If the guest had said, “Sometimes it doesn’t taste as good as it smells,” or, “There have been a few times that it didn’t taste as good as it smells,” I might have gone with it. I might have suggested more seasoning salt. But, I could have let it go. And I guess the truth is, sometimes it doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

If you are a parent preparing to rent an instrument, you might do well to ask yourself the same question. Does this deal smell too good to be true? Most companies work hard to create a rental program that works well for the parent, the teacher, and the student. But there are occasions that a competitive store might be popping up some wonderful smells that don’t actually taste as good once you buy it. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is it a local company? Why is this important? Because students are students. There will come a time in the life of most rental contracts that the instrument will need to be serviced. If the company isn’t local, where will this take place? (Ask about the quality of their repair shop!)If you have questions about your contract, or would like to see an advanced instrument in a year or so, it is nice to have a local company close to answer questions and help you face to face. Remember, the local company lives here with you and is an active part of your community! Sometimes the local company means the company that drives to your school to service the school music program. Ask your director.
  • Does the music store offer rental credit toward an advanced instrument? Do they offer local service as part of their maintenance/service plan? Or are they planning to send your repair to a third party?
  • Have you checked their Better Business Bureau rating? N Tune Music and Sound carries an A+ rating, by the way.

The point is, sometimes rental nights can be hectic and loud. If there is more than one store present, it often turns into who can grab your attention first. Most rental contracts smell pretty good at the drive, but it might be wise to ask a few questions about who and where these instruments will come from and by whom and where will it be serviced.

N Tune Music and Sound is pretty confident that we have superior repair shops and proudly take care of our communities in Abilene, Aledo, Midland, and Odessa. And we have professional Education Reps who put our surrounding communities at the highest priority. We’ll see you at a band drive soon!