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Buffet E11 Clarinet

E11 France Bb Clarinet

The Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet is a widely recommended instrument for intermediate players and has been popular with music instructors for many years. When a clarinet student graduates from his or her beginner instrument—usually made of plastic—to an intermediate clarinet—usually made of wood, the Buffet Crampon E11 is commonly suggested as an instrument worthy of serious consideration.

Until now, the E11 Buffet clarinet was made at the Buffet Crampon factory in Germany. Now Buffet Crampon is offering an improved clarinet made in France—where Buffet’s professional instruments are crafted. Fittingly, it is titled the Buffet Crampon E11 France Bb Clarinet.

Students stepping up from a plastic clarinet may feel that their Buffet Crampon E11 France Bb Clarinet takes them most of the way to a professional-quality instrument.

The E11 France clarinet has an all new bore inspired by Buffet Crampon’s professional clarinets, but adapted for student players. The expert craftsmen of Buffet Crampon use unstained African blackwood. After shaping, the durable wood is treated and lacquered by hand for protection and to ensure years of trustworthy use. The result is that the Buffet Crampon E11 France Bb is a dependable clarinet of truly outstanding quality that any budding musician will be proud to own.

Attention to detail—where top-quality instruments distinguish themselves from lesser clarinets—is outstanding in the design and assembly of the Buffet Crampon E11. For example, the E11 France clarinet’s toneholes are undercut, improving pitch accuracy. The keys are forged, not stamped. Then they are copper-plated and finally, they are silver-plated using a method developed by Buffet Crampon.

Key movement is made precise and easy by the use of stainless steel springs rather than springs of lesser quality. Buffet Crampon’s new concept for the E11 France clarinet’s thumb rest improves functionality by maintaining the distance between the neck-strap ring and the pad when adjusted. Even the pads are superior. They are fashioned from double fish skin to give you many years of reliable service.

The new Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet with its ringless bell is equipped with a new model Buffet Crampon mouthpiece and a Vandoren reed and is delivered in an ergonomic and practical protective backpack.

Buffet Crampon technology and experience come together in specially dedicated workshops to create the E11 France Bb intermediate clarinet, and now you can make one of these fine instruments your own.


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Buffet E11 Clarinet
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