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Founded in Midland, Texas in 2003, owners Tim and Kelly Jones have put together a team of experienced employees who have a common desire to see the local music store meet the needs of their community. Tim and Kelly bring many years of combined music retail experience to the company, having worked for Caldwell Music Company in Abilene, Odessa, and Midland since the 1980’s.

If any one word can describe the mission statement of N-Tune Music and Sound it is service. And at N-Tune Music and Sound, that means providing a real service to the customer, helping you find the best answer to your unique situation, not just pushing you to the quickest sale.

Photography by Kaylea Gaines Photography


“Somewhere along the way the local customer lost out as the stores became more like outlet stores with inexperienced staff who only wanted to complete a sale. This wasn’t the model of the local music store I grew up with in West Texas, and this area deserves a service first alternative.”

“We started in Midland, then moved into Odessa in 2005, making sure we put our local customers and the local music educators at the top of our priority list. Now, we have added an Abilene and Aledo location, and still want to bring that same attitude of service, friendliness, and taking the time to find the answer to your situation.”