Why Do You Need Peace of Mind?


This part is optional and not required.  BUT, In the event you desire not to obtain the available coverage, you will assume full responsibility for the care or replacement of the instrument and assume all liability for loss or damage in the amount of the total payments of the instrument. This affordable agreement offers an optional loss damage waiver for an additional charge to cover your responsibility for loss of or damage to the merchandise. You do not have to purchase this coverage. Before deciding whether to purchase this loss damage waiver, you may consider whether your homeowners or casualty insurance policy affords you coverage for loss of or damage to rental merchandise and the amount of the deductible you would pay under your policy.


In the event of loss by FIRE, THEFT BY FORCED ENTRY or ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE that renders your instrument unusable, N-TUNE MUSIC AND SOUND agrees to provide you with a replacement of like quality and condition. The balance of the account on the original instrument will be your responsibility, as amended to reflect the description of the replacement. Proof of loss must be substantiated by supplying N-TUNE MUSIC and SOUND a copy of Police or Fire Report and reporting the loss in writing to the school principal and music director. These copies must be submitted within ten days of loss.