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N-Tune Music and Sound Music Education Scholarship Program

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The Music Education Scholarship was created by N-Tune Music and Sound President Tim Jones to not only encourage and reward the pursuit of a Music Education degree at an accredited college or university, but to encourage those graduating teachers to return to West Texas to continue the legacy and reputation of strong, quality music programs in West Texas.

The Music Education Scholarship is available to any West Texas graduating high school senior who has declared a music education major for the fall. This year, three $1000 scholarships will be announced from applications gathered from all over West Texas.

N-Tune Music and Sound Music Instrument Scholarship

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N-Tune Music and Sound believes that music and the arts are vital parts of any child’s education.
Several years ago, N-Tune Music and Sound teamed up with a local elementary school, which has a magnet program for fine arts, to create a program that would ensure that all interested children would be able to participate in band and orchestra. The N-Tune Music and Sound instrument scholarship is an equal responsibility payment option between N-Tune Music and Sound, the partnering elementary school, and the parents of qualifying students. N-Tune Music and Sound agrees to pay one-third of each rental payment, the school agrees to make one-third of each rental payment, and the parents agree to pay one-third of each rental payment.

This creates an affordable monthly payment that ensures no child will miss the opportunity to be involved in school music programs. N-Tune Music and Sound is proud to do our part to keep music and the arts a vital part of children’s education.

Marcia McEntyre Zoffuto Hero Award

N-Tune Music and Sound is honored to be a key contributor to the annual Marcia McEntyre Zoffuto Hero Award. This award is selected by a nomination committee that includes band directors, orchestral conductors and choral conductors in its membership. The recipient is chosen based on their contributions to music education and to their community.

Marcia McEntyre Zoffuto, an award winning band director and daughter of former Odessa Permian High School band director J.R. McEntyre, died from cancer in 2008 and the award was instituted a year later.

Annual Instrument Donation Drive

Musical Instrument! Clarinet!

N-Tune Music and Sound is an active participant in local school instrument donation drives. N-Tune Music and Sound serves as a drop off location for local residents to bring the instruments they are donating, offers repair on these instruments to the ISD’s receiving the donations, and delivers the instruments to the ISD once they are in playing condition.

AMP - National Association of Music Parents

N-Tune Music and Sound is a partnering sponsor for AMP – The National Association of Music Parents.

AMP’s mission is to build a grassroots national movement that brings together ALL STAKEHOLDERS of Music Education to defend the interests of our students and ensure that music and the arts remain an integral discipline within the core education system in America.

Elgon Youth Brass Band - Mbale District, Eastern Uganda

Elgon Youth Development Centre with it’s core project Elgon Youth Brass Band, is a community based organization located in Mbale District, Eastern Uganda, the project started in 2009 as a result of the appalling poverty situation in the community that had led to a rise in crime rates, street children, early pregnancies and early marriages leave alone dropping out of school by many children and youth. Lack of employment, death or separation of parents, lack of school fees and other scholastic materials, drug and forms of child abuse have been responsible for the increased number of unemployed and street children.

Founders of the organization discovered that providing the affected and vulnerable children and youth with a means of survival and keeping them busy can help in reducing the impact of this situation on the community.

Members decided to form the organization as a means of reaching vulnerable youth and children who would in turn support the community and the society at large. The organization has recruited beneficiaries aged 5-25 from the community and surrounding communities but mainly needy children . The primary beneficiaries are expected to help themselves and later their siblings and the community.

In the short time of its existence, the organization has impressed the community as the children who have benefited from its programmes have been seen as useful to the community.

The aim is to give vulnerable children the chance to learn skills that would offer them a route out of poverty, lifting them off the streets and away from the risks of drug culture, violence and crime. The proceeds from individual and group efforts will be used for meeting scholastic costs, meeting personal and basic family needs and saving for the future.

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