Advanced Instruments

Journey Beyond The Basics

You Made It!

And Now You’re Ready

When you first started… you didn’t know if you would stay with music or not. What if it was too hard? What if you weren’t any good at it?

But you stuck it out, worked hard and now you think you may be ready for a better instrument to take you to the next level. That’s where we can help out.

Read on for more information about getting an Advanced instrument.

The Benefits

What Is An Advanced Instrument?

An instrument that is the next step up in musical instruction.

Step-up instruments are made from higher level materials, which allow the instrument to produce warmer, more resonant tones. These instruments are also handcrafted, making each one unique. This means the musician may have to try out a few step-up instruments to find one that works well and is easily played.


Step-up instruments are typically crafted from more responsive materials, allowing students to play with ease and increased control throughout the entire range of the instrument. Flutes and brass instruments will typically have a higher silver content. Clarinets will be made of special woods instead of plastic.

In addition, some instruments like saxophones and trombones will have extra keys or tubing to extend the range of the instrument and offer alternative fingerings for more control when playing. Step-up string instruments will be made from higher quality woods and step-up bows from high-quality horse hair.



Step-up instruments typically have larger diameter tubing (called the bore), allowing for a fuller, more pleasing tone.


Step-up instruments require finer tolerances and nuance during their manufacturing, as well as during their use. Because of this, instruments of this quality are built using more hand craftsmanship and no two will be exactly alike for the player.

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