Choosing An Advanced Instrument

N-Tune Music and Sound will work with you to choose the best advanced instrument for your child, whether that is intermediate or pro-line.

Watch This Advanced Flute Demo

Taylor explains the benefits of having an Advanced instrument and gives us a demonstration.

Advanced Trombone

What Is Different About an Advanced Instrument?

It’s a fair question, and one with different answers for different instruments. But, there are some qualities that an advanced instrument will provide your student regardless of which instrument your student plays. In basic terms, an advanced instrument is either an intermediate or pro-line instrument that features design or mechanical advantages over student-line instruments.

Advanced instruments offer:

Improved Tone

If you think of tone as the engine of a car. High performance engines feature different materials and craftsmanship than a stock engine. Advanced instruments play with incredible tone and resonance that a student-line instrument just can't duplicate. Again, this is due to the use of exceptional materials and craftsmanship.

Improved Response

As your child advances in band or orchestra, the music they play will become increasingly demanding as far as technique and intonation. Advanced instruments help them to play more technical passages due to their quick response, improved extreme ranges, and excellent intonation.

Additional Keys / Tubing

Many advanced woodwind instruments have additional keys that are used in intermediate and advanced music. Many brass instruments have thicker Metal (double walled). Trombones have an F attachment, to allow for quicker movement between slide positions. These are features that beginning students wouldn't encounter as they learn to play, but will become more important as they continue to progress.

Advanced Stringed Instruments

Advanced techniques require an instrument up for the task, and our Advanced stringed instruments help students to grow their skills

Is My Child Ready for an Advanced Instrument?

If you rented or purchased your student instrument from N-Tune Music and Sound, your student is playing on a quality instrument! However, it is more than likely an instrument that was designed to help your student be successful as a beginner. It is also true that some students play their entry level instrument all the way through high school and have great fun doing it.

At some point, sometimes as early as the end of the first year, your student will reach the potential of their beginner instrument. As the competitive phase of their musical journey arrives, many students will find their beginner instruments begin to limit their success.

Students with advanced instruments find an advantage to having an intermediate, or possibly a pro-line instrument. Whether it is in the characteristic sounds, the ability to play more technical passages easier, or additional design features, the intermediate or pro-line instrument will have the advantage over a student-line instrument.

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Is It Really Worth It?

We believe music is a journey that provides a great return. The scientific community agrees, students actively advancing in music test better and perform better academically. To advance in music probably means an intermediate or pro-line horn as they outgrow the limitations of a student-line horn.

If your student plays on into higher education, an advanced instrument will be a must. Even if they don’t,  N-Tune Music and Sound is convinced that an intermediate or pro-line instrument is a great investment into your student and their musical journey.

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